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FitRight disposable underpads are soft and comfortable with super absorbent polymer and fluff fill to contain moisture and wetness. For incontinence, the core locks in moisture while the non-woven top sheet wicks moisture away from skin. Can be used for medical and non-medical purposes to protect bedding, furniture, car seats, flooring and even under messy toddlers high chairs. So easy to use, just wrap up the used pad to contain the mess, then dispose of properly in the garbage.



  • FitRight Disposable Underpad with odor controlling super absorbent polymer and fluff core absorbs and traps fluid and odors
  • High absorbency and non-slip, waterproof backsheet help protect beds, chairs, couches, transport chairs, wheelchairs, changing tables, car seats and more
  • Bed pad features soft, fabric-like materials and a quiet, non-crinkly backsheet for a better user experience
  • Sealed edges on this disposable underpad prevent leaks and slipping
  • Underpad Size: 30 x 30 inches

FitRight Ultra Underpad 30 x 30

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