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Remedy barriers provide long-lasting protection against the harmful effects of incontinence and protects skin’s natural barrier function. High quality silicone and petrolatum options Protect skin from prolonged exposure to urine, stool and additional risk factors Hypoallergenic & dye-freeform all ages Pediatrician tested Scented and unscented options available.



  • Silicone-rich formulation creates a breathable, water-resistant film over skin as it moisturizes and nourishes. Rich in oleosomes: naturally encapsulated safflower oils that release over time
  • 24% silicone blend helps resist moisture loss
  • Appropriate for perineal care since it forms a water-resistant film over skin. Reduces the appearance of red, cracked and scaly skin while soothing dry, itchy skin
  • Gentle enough for use on the most fragile skin, suitable for neonates, diabetics, geriatrics. Nourishes the skin with the proprietary Phytoplex blend of botanicals

Remedy Phytoplex Hydraguard Silicone Cream

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