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This Fit Right Underwear is specifically designed for women experiencing light to moderate incontinence who are looking for a comfortable, discreet, disposable solution. The underwear design is perfect for women who are mobile, as they fit just like regular underwear. Made in the US, this product uses high absorbency technology to provide the comfort and reliability that helps women maintain normal, active lives. The thin cloth-like design allows it to be worn under clothing comfortably and discreetly. Fit Right products are widely used in hospitals and long-term care facilities, providing advanced briefs, underwear and pads trusted by healthcare professionals.



  • Specifically designed for the comfort, discretion and leak protection of females; wear Fit Right underwear for women confidently and comfortably under clothing
  • Disposable underwear features a super absorbent core and wicking outer layer that pulls moisture away from the skin for ideal dryness and leakage protection
  • Linear embossing technology distributes fluid throughout the core for exceptional dryness and containment within the incontinence underwear
  • Anti-Leak Guards on these disposable pull ups provide an extra level of protection | Unlike adult diapers with tabs, these women's disposable underwear feature a pull up design like real underwear
  • Heavy Absorbency; Incontinence Underwear Size S/M fits waists 28-40"

FitRight For Women Underwear

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