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The OTC 2880 Comfort Pull Lumbosacral Support is very low profile – with an eight inch deep back panel – so it can be worn undetected under clothing. It has a completely non-elastic construction for optimum support. Quite simply, it works when elastic models do not. The key feature of this support is its rigid back panel with a simultaneous roller-pulling tightening apparatus and drawstring pulls that provides symmetrical compressive support for the entire lower back. The wearer can independently adjust the top and bottom of the brace to provide localized compression where it is needed for maximum pain relief.



• Completely non-elastic construction for optimum support

• Rigid exterior 8” back panel with simultaneous roller pulling apparatus and drawstring pulls provide symmetrical compressive support to entire lower back

• Airmesh fabric for cool, comfortable wear

Comfort Pull Lumbosacral Support

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